Monday, August 5, 2013

Parsons Summer Intensive Continued!

             I am so terrible at remembering to take pictures. I always forget to snap pics of the magical things happening right in front of me because I'm so focused on enjoying them. And don't get me started on taking pictures with people; I just always forget. However, I did take a few pictures on this adventure that I thought would be fun to share!

 @ the MoMA. 
Not only was everything so beautiful, Karlie Kloss (my favorite model) was there 
about 2 days after me so in other words: I die.

Our fashion project was to create a garment that camouflaged into Chinatown. The Lucky Cat head turned out looking adorable.

I swear the only thing I ate this summer was cookies, that's it.

Actually, don't hate my croquis anymore! I'm so happy that my fashion figure drawings improved.

Love, love, loved seeing adorable flower shops every couple of blocks. My city... okay, town needs to invest in these!

Best desserts ever @ Eataly. I die.

Cutest dog retreat ever down the street from my school. 

Emergency Room at 3 AM. Not sure what is more tragic- that outfit I'm sporting or the fact that I cut my thumb while shaving my legs?

 Fellow giant, Gianna, came to visit!

Most magical gelato ever at the most magical place ever. Obviously, I spent a good deal of the time eating..

Jackson Pollock @ the MoMA

Laduree macaroons, yes please.

 Andy Warhol and the famous Marilyn

 Mood! Most expensive fabric store ever, but so oh-so-wonderful and full of everything you could dream of!

Me standing where Tim Gunn probably has stood.

 Found this wall in Chinatown and thought it was super cool.

John Baldessari

 Missed my friend Riley so much! Absolutely loved getting to see her!

Loved meeting so many inspiring people. Also, I AM A GIANT.

Touring Seventeen was fabulous. The beauty closet was to die for.

Sitting on the Met steps Blair Waldorf Style

For this, we sketched a model wearing different types of clothes and added watercolor. I loved this.

I might have stopped at Whole Foods for treats 1 or 2 times a day...

I had a fabulous time in New York. The city is so wonderful, I learned so much, and met the most adorable people. I'm so blessed to have had such a wonderful experience. 

Check back for more post very soon!

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