Monday, August 5, 2013

Parsons Summer Intensive!

        Wowza. I haven't posted in forever. And I just used the word wowza. I have so much to share about my Parsons Summer Intensive experience! I actually have an excuse for why I haven't been a very avid blogger... sort of. I had a "Parsons Week 2" post draft sitting in my computer waiting patiently to be published, but I never got around to it because I cut my finger and went to the ER that night. It ended up being sort of ridiculous and bloody and ridiculous, but that's my excuse! Not a very good one, but I promise I'll fill y'all in about the whole summer now!
         So, the course I took was Design Portfolio. It consisted of three projects: Communication Design, Fashion Design, and Product Design. Within these three big projects, were smaller projects and assignments that tied everything together. It really opened my eyes; I had always thought I wanted to do something in fashion, but now I've realized I like communication, graphic, and product design too. I also learned SO much; two of the biggest things I improved on were using photoshop and 3D construction. I can do all sorts of fancy stuff with cardboard now. I also learned a ton about sketching and watercolor. Overall, it just really broadened my horizons on the world of art and design. I had to keep a blog for my class recording the processes of my projects, and just my general thoughts on what we were doing. It was quick and somewhat hurried (and probably full of typos), but if you want the play by play of the projects I had to do, here's the link!
                 I also met a ton of really cool people from all over the world. The were all so sweet, and talented, and just so inspiring. I always knew that there was a world outside of my small southern town, but it really hit me this summer. There is a huge world full of music, art, galleries, museums, parks, people, food, just so many experiences that we sometimes forget about when we're caught up in the drama of our lives. So here is a random medley of photos of my summer!

My friend, Emmy, and I on the 4th!
Fourth of July!  Loved seeing the
 fireworks and the skyline together!

My glam color wheel
chilling in the computer lab for 10 million hours a day

                                               Thanks for reading! More photos to come!


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