Saturday, August 18, 2012


        Hello lovelies! Today's post is a super fabulous DIY, a facial mask bar! This is perfect to do when you have all your friends over for girls night. Pull out a hilarious movie, a bag of dark chocolate Kisses, and a face mask, and you've got yourself a party. So, let's get started!

Face Mask

So before you begin, think about what your skin needs (moisture, smoothness, brightness). Also, consider if your skin is really really sensitive and wouldn't respond well to treatments like this. Secondly, set up all of your possible ingredients, like you would a taco bar. Starting the line with bowls and spoons, then yogurt, honey, and eggs, and then ending with various mashed veggies and fruits. Also, feel free to customize everything to your skin type and your needs. Be sure and wash your face first!

1. Add a spoonful of yogurt to your bowl. Yogurt adds lactic acid to your face.

2. Add a spoonful of honey to your bowl. Honey will gently exfoliate, add moisture, and encourage tissue growth.

3. If you'd like, add an egg. If you have oily skin, add the egg yolk. If you have dry skin, add the egg white. If you have combination skin, add the whole egg. Eggs take away stress, aid circulation, boost immune systems, and help scars.

4. Add whatever mashed (with a fork) veggies/fruits you'd like.
papaya: breaks down dead skin cells
blackberries: adds antioxidants
lemon: brightens skin and helps dissolve dead skin cells
avacado: adds moisture
cucumber: fights inflammation
tomato: salicylic acid which is used in many facial products
pear- smoothes skin

*If your mixture isn't thick enough add cornstarch.

5. Blend it together throughly, and spread on to your face with your fingers. Place cucumber slices on your eyes, wait about 10 minutes, and then rinse for a plump, fresh, clean face!

My friends and I did this a few nights ago. Not only was it very relaxing and fun, the results were great! I added a bit of egg yolk, avocado, papaya, pear, and a dash of lemon to the yogurt and honey. Don't feel like your "batch" has to be very big. It's only going on your face. The result I really noticed from this mask was how it made my skin plump and fresh.

my lovely friends
Hope you have a great Sunday!


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