Sunday, August 26, 2012

Lots of Stuff

Hey pretties! I'm ashamed to say I haven't posted in forever... I've finished my first week of school though! I hope y'all had a great first week. I just wanted to do a favorites post today!


So, these are all a bit random, but I really like them all. The Shiver series is really good; I love the main male character. The Maze Runner is kind of about a game controlled by adults. So, if you liked The Hunger Games, you'll definitely like this. All of Sarah Dessen's books are teen romances. A lot of her books have the same plot line though, so, pick a good first one! If you haven't read the Harry Potter books, you're not allowed to read this blog... The Maximum Ride series is SO GOOD! The last book just came out; it was fabulous. Don't let the weird covers fool you! I love Breakfast at Tiffany's too; it's such a classic. The other ones are wonderful too. Look them up!

current music

"Want U Back" by Cher Lloyd. It's cheesy, but I love it...
"50 Ways to Say Goodbye" by Train. Reminds me of Phantom of the Opera.
"Little Talks" by Of Monsters and Men. I just really love this one.
"Everybody Talks" by Neon Trees.
"One More Night" by Maroon Five. I want to dance to this forever.
"Some Nights" by Fun.
The Black Keys in general are amazing.

New obsessions

I am currently loving anything Wildfox. It's so quirky and adorable. I'm also loving high rise or high waisted skinny jeans. I love fully tucking in blousy tops or just front tucking loose tank tops! My last fashion favorite is patent leather satchels. I love how structured and fall-ish they are. I'll have to get my hands on one of these!

I don't want to say I'm going to post more soon, because we all know that I never do...
But I'll be posting more soon!
I hope y'all check out some of these books/songs/my current fashion obsessions!
Have a glamourous Monday :)

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