Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fashion and Football

          I love football games. Actually, that's a lie. I love dressing up for football games. Whether you like to be a bit dressy or casual and comfy, deciding on what you're going to wear to the game is always fun. Here's a few ideas!

casual and quirky

This look starts of with a pair of versatile, comfortable, leather shorts. I'm definitely not a die-hard football fan, but I do like to add a touch of the team's colors to my outfit. That's where the plum-colored tights come in. I wouldn't wear just any color tights, but plums, maroons, browns, and berry colors look nice. Lace-up heeled ankle booties dress the outfit up a bit, but aren't too dainty. You could also wear flat boots. The quirky fashionable sweatshirt keeps you warm, keeps the outfit from being too much, and ties it all together. Finally, a pair of round sunnies block the sun in style. Nail polish, lip color, pins, and scarves are good ways to add pops of your team color.

colorful and classic

This outfit is a bit more girly. It starts with a beautiful patterned mini a-line skirt. This is paired with a silky colored shirt. The relaxed fits of the clothing keeps it football game appropriate. Paired with tall, brown riding boots and gold hoops. I love the fall-ish quality this outfit has. Add a peacoat and tights if it's chilly.

cute and casual

The most casual of them all, this outfit is very stylishly school-spirited. This outfit is also better suited for not too chilly weather. A unique pair of broken in jeans pairs beautifully with a vintage tee. This just screams fall game to me. Paired with a blazer in your teams colors and some stylish animal print loafers, and you're good to go. This outfit paired with top-knot, a stack of bracelets, and a swipe of bright red lipstick would be perfect.

I'm so excited fall is quickly approaching! Football games, riding boots, hot chocolate, beautifully draped sweaters, bonfires, Harry Potter movies, bright leaves, good books, Starbucks' holiday drinks, and pumpkin pie will all be here soon! Let me know what you wear to football games and what you're excited for about fall!


Pastel Pink Hair said...

LOVE those brown riding boots in the second pic!! :)

FashionEden said...

Me too! I love all the hair bows on your website!