Friday, August 10, 2012

Back to School Essentials.

Oh my goodness. I feel like I haven't blogged in forever. I've been out of town for quite some time, but I'm back and full to the brim with blog ideas! Later on I'm going to share with you guys about my summer, but today is about back to school essentials! Someone asked me to do a post on everything you need for back to school. I'm not totally sure what angle they were wanting, but I hope this works!

Back to School Wardrobe Staples:
These our key pieces that will fill your closet with outfit possibilities without causing a mid-morning meltdown.

Back to School
1. Dark wash skinny jeans are a must; you can wear them with anything. Find a couple pairs that fit perfectly, and aren't too busy. You'll be set for life.

2. A blazer is the perfect school piece. You might be thinking that a blazer would only work if you were a preppy school girl. However that's not the case. Throw it over jeans and a tee for a bit of polish, pair it with a dress and boots, or even mix it with combat boots for an edgy look. A blazer is the perfect combination of a jacket and a sweater.

3. Scarves turn one outfit into two. Throw a scarf on top of an outfit you've already worn. Now you have two outfits. Easy as that.

4. Lastly, oversized cardigans are wonderfully cozy and cute for school. I'm always freezing at school, so, these are a lifesaver. Oversized sweater + scarf + dark wash skinnies = perfect school outfit.

The Backpack:
You have to live with it all year. Find one that suits your style and carries all your supplies.


Long gone are the days of one colored, boring backpacks. They're are backpacks with studs and spikes, flowers and polka dots, distressed leather and faded prints, and classic shapes in eye-popping colors. Your backpack carries all your books, binders, and everyday essentials, and it's lovely when it compliments your everyday outfits. So, invest in a little time and search for the perfect one.

Supplies and Stuff:
Some things you really need. Others things are just too adorable.

the fun part about school

If I'm being completely honest, you really don't "need" every single item above. However, they're so adorable and fun to have who wouldn't want them? This is the fun part of school shopping! I'll just quickly list what everything is above. I've included a few links too!
              I really don't want summer to end, but thinking about school shopping is getting me a little excited! I hope you have a great weekend! I'll be posting lots more soon!

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