Friday, June 8, 2012

One Piece Problems

        Recently I had to purchase a few one piece swimsuits for a church camp that I am attending. I had the WORST time finding any that met my list of needs: attractive, not too expensive, and long enough to cover my lengthy torso. After literally days of confusion, I finally have two one piece swimsuits that I love! Incase any of you guys need a cute one piece in the future, here are a few fabulous suits I've found. I've included the links to all of them so you can examine them in further detail!

1. One Shouldered $157.42
2. Polka Dots $41.43

3. Graphic Print $85.50

4. Floral $64

5. Cutout $275
Free People

6. Retro $34.99
Urban Outfitters

7. Ruffles $99
Urban Outfitters
8. Classic Stripes $82
J. Crew

9. Peplum $182
Marc Jacobs

10. Sequin $178
I'm normally a bikini kind of girl but these one pieces are just too cute.
 Let me know which ones you liked!

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