Monday, June 18, 2012

Current Obsessions

The past week I was at church camp, which was AMAZING. However, I missed my blog! Today is about a few of my current favorites and obsessions. 


1. Round Sunglasses
I want a pair of round sunnies so badly; they've been on my mind for awhile now. They're so retro and unique. These are definitely on my summer wish list. Plus, what would they not look cute with?

2. White Nails
Lately I have been loving white nail polish. A clean, bright, non-shimmery white pairs beautifully with a gorgeous bronzy tan. Whereas, a pearlescent white looks perfect with a pale, luminescent skin tone. They're just so clean and fresh and summery.

3. Statement Necklaces
Statement Necklaces are the perfect summer go-to piece. They spice up just a pair of denim shorts and a simple top. Whether they're bright, beaded, layered, short, or long, statement necklaces are the key to looking polished while still being effortless. I really want to add more of these to my summer wardrobe.

4. Graphic Tees
Finally, I adore graphic tees, especially, the uber soft, slightly distressed kind. However, it's easy to go wrong when shopping for graphic tees. Never purchase a tee that has a questionable pick-up line, talking food, or anything else even the slightest bit cheesy splashed across the front. Instead, look for more vintage-inspired tees.

These four things just scream summer to me. What are your current summer obsessions?

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