Monday, June 25, 2012

Skeletons in My Closet

Today, I completed the unthinkable task of cleaning out my closet. It literally took me all day. Throughout the day I discovered my lack of summer attire, my incredible hoard of knit sweaters, and my inexcusable habit of buying things I do not wear. So, let me share with you the closet cleaning knowledge I have learned over the years.

1. Dedicate a couple of hours or more to your closet. It's not particularly fun, but the benefits are worth it. Don't quit on me half way. I, personally, have to stop and take multiple snack breaks. 

2. I usually take everything out of my closet, to start with. However, this can be a little overwhelming. So, feel free to work in sections.

3. Try on EVERYTHING. If it is ripped or stained beyond repair, throw it out. If you hate it on yourself but think it would look nice on a friend, put it in a separate bag. If it looks nice but needs a few alterations, but it in a bag to take to the tailor. And if you're just not feeling it at all, put it in a bag to give to charity. If you try it on and it's wonderful, it goes back in the closet!

4. Something I learned from Lauren Conrad's book, Style, is if you try something on and you haven't worn it in a year but don't want to part with it quite yet, place it in a duffel bag. Then put the bag under your bed. In six months, take the bag out and look inside. Most likely you will realize you haven't missed those articles of clothing at all; this makes getting rid of these things much easier.

5. Try to make all your hangers face the same way. And if you're feeling really fancy, buy all matching hangers to preserve space. 

6. The most important thing is to put the clothes you wear most often in the easiest accessible place. If you wear tons of dresses, hang those in the most visible place.

7. I have a problem of buying things I never wear. Six or seven months go buy after I purchase an item, and I suddenly hate it. I'm sure everyone does this occasionally, though. Right now, I'm making a pact to never buy anything neon orange or covered in rhinestones. (unless it's cute...) After I clean out my closet, I usually make a list of things I must never buy again and things I need. Need: colored denim shorts, wedges. Must never buy again: neon orange and sparkles.

Even though it's tedious and boring, cleaning out your closet is sooooo beneficial. It makes getting dressed easier and let's you know what wardrobes staples you're missing. I hope you will all clean/organize your closets. Have a fabulous week! 

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