Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fashion Inspiration Board
       You know those days when you have no idea what to wear? The perfect solution to this is a fashion inspiration board. This is just a cork-board or magnetic board full of various things that inspire your style: pictures, magazine clippings, fabric, etc. The beginning of a season is the perfect time to create a fashion inspiration board. It's also useful because it helps you to think about purchasing more relevant and wearable pieces. For example, you could find a totally trendy top and purchase it and then find it doesn't go with anything you own; before you make this mistake, consult your fashion inspiration board. 

 So, before we get started, you're going to need a cork-board or a magnetic board. I'm using this one already built into my desk. It has a cork-board square, a magnetic, dry erase board square, a magnetic square, and a fabric square with pockets. This is perfect because it allows you a mix of magnets and push pins. However, anything works! 
First, gather several fashion magazines or catalogs from stores you love. 
Next, cut out pictures of clothes, models, hairstyles, makeup looks, nature, or anything that inspires you. 
words that describe your style
pictures for the background
small pictures
medium pictures
large pictures
pictures of yourself in recent outfits that you've worn

Next, layout all your pictures on a table or any other flat surface. This way you can rearrange everything easily until it is perfect.
Then, using these materials, transfer your collage to your board. It won't be exactly perfect, but you'll have an idea of where everything should go. I used tape to secure all the bottom pictures to the board so the pins and magnets wouldn't create bumps. Then, I used the pins and magnets to attach the pictures on the top layer!

I worked from left to right to make it easier on myself. I also left space at the bottom for future inspirational pictures and such.
I added little touches such as seashells, and a blue bow to create texture and add depth.

Finally, you're done! Instead of standing in front of your closet confused about what to wear, stand in front of your fashion inspiration board! It's fun to make, adds a pop of color to your room, and makes getting dressed easier! I'd ask you to take a picture and share it with me, but I'm not totally sure how! Maybe, post it to The Fashion Eden's Facebook page! Hopefully, I'll set up a Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest soon! I love you guys and thank you for reading!


Anonymous said...

You should do more diys

FashionEden said...

I actually made a list of things I wanted to post about today and more DIYS were included! Thank you for reading! (: