Thursday, May 31, 2012

Multiple Personalities 

         Hello Lovelies! I want to share with you all the shirt that has revolutionized my wardrobe. Last summer I purchased this chambray button down, and I have sucked the marrow out of it ! It can seriously be worn with anything. So, to help you feel as awestruck as I do, I have put together four fabulously versatile outfits including my trusty chambray button down. However, the possibilities are endless really. 
1) Tucked In

I tucked the shirt into a pair of high waisted coffee colored lace shorts. This shirt looks fabulous tucked into anything. I paired this dose of sweetness with my combat boots to roughen it up a bit. I'm crossing my arms so you can't tell, but I added a whole party of bracelets and what not. This is just one of the many brilliant things this shirt can do!

2) Open

I wore the shirt over a boatneck, navy striped dress. I cinched my waist will a light brown belt with gold accents that paired quite nicely with the brown sandals with gold accents. Throw on a wooden bangle and some bright sunglasses, and it's a keeper! Using the shirt as a jacket is adorable and very convenient.

3) Knotted

For this laid back look, I paired the button down over a green maxi dress. A simple knot later and it was a whole new look. I added simple black braided sandals and a medallion necklace to give it some life. Tying button down shirts is a wonderful trick.

4) Original

Last but not least, I wore the shirt normally. I slapped on some bright teal jeans to give the shirt a pop. Then, I added grey oxfords and a green beaded necklace to complete the look. Just pairing the shirt with bright jeans and fun accessories looks great; this shirt can't go wrong! 

I also love wearing this shirt over my swimsuit or tucked into a skirt! If you have a chambray or denim button down I would LOVE to know how you wear yours. So, leave a comment below! Secondly, tell me how you feel about this "1 Article of Clothing, 4 Different Ways" thing I've got going. I hope you're all having a glamorous summer. xoxo


Jamie E. Anthony said...

your hair color is so pretty, especially in the sun!

i don't have a chambray shirt, but i definately want one! great looks!

FashionEden said...

Thank you! You're so sweet!