Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fishy Stuff

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      This summer a friend and I decided to try pescetarianism. Pescetarianism is like being a vegetarian plus eating fish. You can eat all the usuals- vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, beans, eggs, and dairy- plus fish and shellfish.  I'm doing it mostly for three reasons:
1. To be healthy (#chickfilaprobs)
2. For a challenge. I mean why not?
3. And for the satisfaction of my friend, Caroline, giving in before I do. 
          We also gave up dark sodas- Coke, Dr. Pepper, etc.- for the summer. It's only been five days, but we're both about ready to die. All I want is a nice cold Coke in a glass bottle. Anyway, because of this pescetarian nonsense I've tried a few new fish dishes. From this a new favorite has emerged: seared ahi tuna. It's thinly sliced tuna seared just enough to cook it. It's quite delicious and tastes kind of oriental. My mom and I made it for dinner along with some really fantastic guacamole. The guacamole recipe we used is here.

Are any of you guys vegetarians or pescetarians? If so do you have any recipes or foods I must try? I need some new ideas!! Leave them in the comments below and thanks for reading!

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Ohmigoodness. You actually bloggered!!! <3 and miss you dear!

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