Sunday, April 21, 2013

6 Fashionable Favorites!


  1. I have been obsessed with rings lately. Mixing different metals or stacking a couple creates a chic vintage-y look that I love. You can never have too many! Lucky Brand has some really cool rings that I've been eyeing lately.
  2. Skinny Cow Dreamy Clusters are the best. They're only 120 calories so I don't feel too guilty snacking on them late at night. The dark chocolate kind are by far the best.
  3. I recently just bought some red Keds, and they're perfect times ten. They're perfect for bee-bopping around town. Especially when paired with high waisted shorts!
    4. I have been adoring Cara Delevingne lately. She is definitely my favorite model. She's funny, quirky, and so beautiful. I also love her ironic sense of style.
    5. The Rachel Zoe Project is my new fav show. It's about Rachel Zoe, a designer/stylist, and her life/career. I love her style- maxis, hats, fur, totally boho- so much.
    6. My last favorite is a new MAC extra dimension blush I've been loving. I love pale pink, shimmery blushes for spring, and this is perfect! It gives me a very natural flush.

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