Saturday, March 30, 2013

5 Rooms I Adore

      I've been perusing Pinterest looking for room ideas lately. I want something Anthropologie-ish: layered, full of textures, eclectic, and beautiful. So far I've found some cool knick knacks and furniture ideas from Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, West Elm, and Pier 1. If you know of any great furniture stores let me know! All of these images are from Pinterest.

  • I love the layout of this room and all the different textures. I love how the bed couch and coffee table are all in one line. 
  • The chandelier, mirror, and dresser look perfectly mix matched together. For a perfectly eclectic look, mix various styles together.
  • I love this one too. Something about the studded bed, horse picture, and chandelier is just perfect. I would love an all white room with just a few colorful accents such as these pillows.
  • I love the art, and the pillows, and the lighting, and the rug. I think for my room I want light colored walls paired with colorful pieces, like this room.

  •  The fashionable pictures on the wall are to die for. So is the bedspread! Prints of magazine covers, drawings of fashionable girls, or sketches of clothes are great to hang on the walls in collections.
     Every room needs a splash of animal print. Either a chair like this, a little couch, or a fun rug is what I hope to put in my room. Animal print goes with everything.

                                                                   Have a great day!


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