Sunday, February 17, 2013

New York Fashion Week Favorite: Diane Von Furstenberg

          Fashion Week is an enchanting, dazzling, whole different world to me. The fashion, trends, models, people, celebrities, designers, makeup, clothes, everything down to the smallest detail seems luxuriously decadent. I would love to attend fashion week in New York, London, Milan, and Paris someday. I've been watching the runway videos online and I've picked out a favorite.

       Diane Von Furstenberg was my absolute favorite. It opened up with Cara Delevingne, my favorite model right now, wearing a gorgeous dress. 

        Then there were various models wearing my all time favorite, animal print, along with warm toned colors such as tan, orange, pink, and red. All of the models sported bold hot pink lips that paired perfectly with the clothes. 
              There was fur, and leather, and all kinds of other gloriously luxurious textures. There was also a wonderful pair of gold pants paired with fur and animal print. The various over the top fabrics mixed with the big wavy hair reminded me of old hollywood glamour. However, the way the clothes draped and flowed mixed with the posh prints and fabrics created a boho meets glam vibe. 

                 All of my favorites: animal print, warm toned colors, jumpsuits, long dresses, bright colors and patterns, fur, leather, sequins, and textures were all present throughout the show. I'm excited to see what's in store for Fashion Week in London! Let me know what you're favorite show was in the comments below!

                                                                 Thanks for reading!

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