Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fabulous Fall Outfits

                    I love fall. At the moment, I'm drinking spiced tea, a fall candle is lit, and I'm loving this brisk weather. Fall clothes are the all time best. Sweaters, boots, dark wash skinnies, scarves, leather jackets, fur, fingerless gloves, tall socks, every bit of it is so cozy and warm. It's so easy to throw on lots of layers and end up with a perfect fall outfit. Below are three perfectly mismatched, yet oh so cozy fall outfits that anyone can recreate!

1. Hunter Boots

                I got these bright orange hunter boots for my birthday, and I must say they are the greatest. I call them my "bad weather shoes". But if we're being honest, I wear them on sunny days, too. I can't wait to wear these boots every season with various outfits. However paired with dark wash skinnies (#1 fall staple), a polka dotted blouse, an oversized hunter green cardigan, and a pink knit scarf, they look wonderfully fall. I love wearing bright colors, and the hot pink scarf and bright orange boots are certainly bright!

2. Shorts and Boots

          Time for another confession, I wear this lace shorts and riding boots combo nine times out of ten. Lace shorts paired with a quirky silky blouse (mine has birds!) goes perfectly with an oversized sweater in a fall hue. Throw on some tall socks, riding boots, and a long pendant necklace, and you have the perfect holiday shopping/ dinner with friends/ movie night outfit. As you can probably tell, I'm obsessed with the color orange for fall. Find a color that really compliments your skin and hair and makes you happy, and wear it all the time. Also, don't be afraid to mix shorts and boots. It's so much more fun than wearing pants, and if it's chilly just throw on some tights!

3. Fur Vests and Corduroys


                This is definitely the most glamourous outfit of the bunch. I absolutely love fur vests. They're statement pieces yet very easy to wear. Because I'm 5'11, I don't have to worry about fur vests swallowing me. However if you're not a giant like myself, look for vests that still show your body shape, so you don't get lost in all that fur. I'm also a big fan of corduroys. They are the most comfortable, cozy, fall essential. I paired my vest and cords with a fun patterned top and light brown boots. I love wearing jewel tones for fall.

               I hope this gave you some lovely fall outfit ideas. Before you know it, Christmas will be here! Hope you have a fabulous week and thank you SO much for reading! Go leave a comment and let me know which outfit is your favorite!!

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