Friday, November 23, 2012

beLATEd birthday.

                  As you know, I have about zero skills when it comes to posting on time, or regularly. On that note my birthday was in October, and I never shared any of the festivities with you guys!

      Sooooo to begin with I got a car. It's a light blue Mini Cooper, and it's absolutely precious! The second best part of the day was that my best friend got me 16 different presents, one for each year, and gave them to me throughout the day. It was pretty magical. A candle, adorable matches, a book of quotes, earrings, a ring, a picture frame, Reeses, and various other presents. After school and dance, I ate dinner with some friends and had birthday dessert at home. It was an overall perfect day. Orange Hunter boots and Maroon 5 tickets were pretty much icing on the cake. Literally.

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