Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer Adventure

Summer Adventure

                Summers should be full of adventure, fun, spontaneity, relaxation, discovering, and laughs. Before you know it, we'll be tucking our skinnies into boots and heading off to school. So, let's make sure we live the rest of the summer to it's fullest potential. Of course, let's also make sure we look super fashionable while doing so. Make a list of 10 things you must accomplish,or at least try, before the summer ends. It could be anything from wearing a daring outfit that you're not sure about to getting to know someone new. Say hi to that one person you've never talked to, get that bold new haircut you've been thinking about, or even face your fear of heights and go parasailing. Think of how satisfying it will be to look back on your summer and remember all the new things you tried. Feel free to share some of your 10 summer must-do's below. Have a fabulous summer!

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Be a bit mischievous