Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Gorgeous Girls

This week is all about my friends and their fashion!

       Peyton wore cobalt blue skinny jeans, a black tank top, and a polka dot sweater, and really cute embellished sandals. Peyton wears a lot of sweaters, skinny jeans, and adorable rompers. She also wears a lot of tops with little prints on them, such as horses or birds. Her style is very current and on trend but still her. I always take note of and love whatever she's wearing; she's adorable.
        Caroline wore a flowy white blouse tucked in to green rolled-up pants, a skinny orange belt, a chunky necklace, and oxfords. Caroline's style is a combination of indie, boho, and classic. Her style reminds me a lot of Taylor Swift's; it always has the perfect amount of quirkiness. She's never afraid to take fashion risks which is something I admire. I get a lot of inspiration from the outfits Caroline wears, especially since we dress very similarly. 
      I love both of these girls, their styles, and their fashion/life advice. Don't forget to come back tomorrow! 

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