Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Darling Dolls
           It's Tuesday and the second day of my fashionable friends! This week I'm talking about my friends' styles and how they inspire me.

          So, first, Emily wore white skinny jeans, a bright green tank, an adorable shrunken blazer, and a long necklace. This outfit is SO Emily. Her style is a mix of girlie and classic with a touch of glamour. She wears a lot of colored jeans, sparkly tanks, long necklaces, and bright colors. She's also my go-to person for anything about new makeup or Youtube. I'm eternally gratefully to her for introducing me to Youtube beauty gurus.
         Secondly, there's Mckenzie! She wore white shorts, a floral empire waisted top, and a long necklace. I admire her ability to match all her outfits; it's quite impressive. She also wears a lot of classic pieces like button downs, denim jackets, and a multitude of colorful v-necks. She always has the most adorable nails; I'm seriously jealous. Both of these sweet girls inspire me with their classic, girlie style!
        It's almost Wednesday, yay! I hope you're getting as much inspiration from my friends as I do. Fashion is about taking in what's around you and creating something with it. Plus, my friends are adorable so... SEE YOU TOMORROW!

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