Friday, April 20, 2012

Spring Beauty Trends: Makeup!
       Hey lovelies! So, I'm going to be doing a mini-series of posts on spring beauty trends. There will be a post about spring makeup, one about nails, and then hair! Today I'm highlighting the 2012 spring makeup trends. The looks range from pure, clean, and simple to absolutely wild. Some are more wearable than others, but I love them all! 
1. Pop of Color

Creatures of the Wind

Peter Som

A bright swipe of eyeshadow on the eyes, or a touch of lipstick with a punch are both big this season. This trend is very easy to add to your everyday routine. For a simpler, less bold look just line the bottom of your eyes in a bright color!

2. Modern Cat Eye

Dolce & Gabbana

Giorgio Armani

Winged liner is everywhere this spring. I really like the double winged look, too.
The easiest way to create a cat eye look:
1. Line your upper lash line, starting on the inside and working your way out. 
2. Then, once you reach the outer corner, draw a thin line outwards at the angle you desire. 
3. Next, draw another line from connecting your upper lash liner to the tip of your wing.
4. Finally, fill in the wing.
5. Afterwards, clean up with a Q-tip and makeup remover if you need to.

3) Flawless Skin


Stella McCartney

Perfect, flawless skin is so refreshingly gorgeous but so hard to attain. Of course, we can always fake it though! Give yourself a clean, dewy look by first applying tinted moisturizer. Then, I like to apply a peachy cream blush, like the Nars Multiple, on the apples of my cheeks and little bit on my eyelids. Then finish it off with mascara and a light pink lip color.

4. Red Lips


Rick Owens

It seems like red lips are always a major trend. I love sporting a bright red lip; they're very versatile and amp up any outfit. This season try a tomato red or an orange-red shade. Try pairing this bright lip with the cat eye for a vintage, retro look!

5. Silvery White

Ralph Lauren

Phillip Lim
Silvery white eyes are so gorgeous; I like wearing this when I need a break from color. Lining your eyes in a silver shadow is so easy. Also try heavily applying the shadow in your crease for a more dramatic look. Be sure to use an eyeshadow with a creamy consistency so it shines from within.

6. Dark Smoke


Erin Fetherston

 Very dark smokey eyes were seen all over the runway. This amplifies any look and can roughen up an outfit that's too sweet. A new twist on this is the teal smokey eye. Instead of black and gray use shades of blue for a fun, new look.

7. Sun-Splashed Cheeks

Timo Weiland

Michael Kors

Tan, peachy cheeks are nice to sport after a pale winter. These athletic inspired cheeks give you a healthy, sun-kissed glow. Dust a warm color on the upper part of your face for the perfect amount of sun. Pairing this with an orange lipstick would be gorgeous!

8. A Glimpse of Glitter

United Bamboo

Glittery accents, such as foil and sparkles, have suddenly become cool. This look is definitely dramatic; it would be great to wear to a fun nighttime event. Try lining the inner corner of your eyes with gold eye shadow or dusting gold glitter over your entire lid.

9. Doll Lashes

Marc Jacobs

Louis Vuitton
Long, thick lashes have always been the dream of every girl, but this year they're a must. Whether you apply individual fake eyelashes or use the perfect mascara, keep it up! Try pairing your lush lashes with perfect, flawless skin for a Louis Vuitton inspired look.

They're are so many fun spring makeup trends that will complete all of your outfits! Be sure and check back tomorrow for spring nail trends! Also, check the bottom of the page to like The Fashion Eden on facebook, follow me on bloglovin', and answer the poll! Thank you! :)

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