Monday, April 2, 2012

Fashionista in the Hat!

      Hats are one of those things that look gorgeous on the runway, on celebrities, and when you're just messing around in your room, but you never know how to wear out. However, people miss out on the countless possibilities hats provide. They hide bad hair days, add to your outfit, and in general give the appearance of being super chic and fashionable. On the runway this season there were tons of hats such as wide brimmed hats and baseball-like hats. Of course, you can never go wrong with a cute fedora or floppy hat in the summer. I think the best way to wear a hat out is too find one that really fits your style. So, let's put on a little extra confidence, not fix our hair, and slip on a hat!

hats, hats, and more hats
Across each row: Victoria Beckham, Marc Jacobs, Burberry, Burberry, Christy's Hats,
Paul Smith, DKNY, Jaegar London, Kenzo
     This season they're some very chic baseball-like hats. I like how the hats like this are all very different. The pink Victoria Beckham hat has an army feel to it,  the Marc Jacobs visor looks very modern, and the Burberry raffia hat is so playful. This look is so fun, and every style can incorporate this athletic type of hat. Wide brimmed hats were also spotted all over the runways. These hats can be structured or floppy, colorful or neutral. These are definitely my favorite hats!

What Shall I Wear with My Hat?

        Adding hats to your outfits is just like adding accessories, you can mix and match. You can wear a classic fedora with a button-down tucked into tailored shorts or with a flowing maxi dress; the same goes for a floppy hat. Hats are also for all occasions, and they can add excitement to any outfit. So, I put together a casual run around town outfit, a beachy, relaxed outfit, and a dressier outfit to help you get started on wearing those hats!

I look cute today.
Jeans: D&G, Shoes: Sam Edelman, Bracelet: Forever 21, Hat: Burberry Prorsum, Sweatshirt: Splendid, Jacket: Dorothy Perkins
        It's important to find the perfect outfit to go with your hat. I took inspiration from the Burberry Prorsum Spring runway looks and decided to pair this raffia stripe peak hat with a green army jacket. Under that I chose a casual striped sweatshirt and dark wash skinny jeans. To add the tribal element of the Burberry Prorsum trench coat to this look, I added the tribal bracelet and the brown wedges. It's a casual, playful, fun look that compliments the hat very well.

Beach Days Aren't Over
Free People, Sunglass: House of Harlow, Hat: Steven Alan
I love everything about this look, and not just because it's Free People! The bright colors and relaxed fits pair perfectly with the structured, wide brim fedora. I love how the hat is a little bit different than your everyday fedora! You could also wear a floppy hat with this look for a more boho feel. This is definitely a wearable look and hat!

A Nod to Class
Shirt: Yumi, Skirt: Miu, Miu, Shoes: Vince Camuto, Hat: Juicy Couture
This outfit is so girly, simple, and feminine. It also incorporates many spring trends: the bright colors, the pearls, the feminine shapes. I really love how the bucket hat goes so nicely with this outfit. A cute bucket hat adds the perfect amount of sweetness to any outfit!

       I hope you feel a little bit more confident about wearing hats. I'm really excited to start seeing these pop up everywhere this spring. It takes practice styling hats, but you'll have it in no time! Have a fabulous week!

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