Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Current State of Mind: Glamour

I'm feeling very glamorous at the moment. I'm lounging across my bed, buried underneath a pile of fabulous clothes. A Tory Burch flat is resting against my leg while my feet are buried in leather, soft corduroys, and cozy knits, and I'm using a voluminous fur vest as a blanket. I'm wearing matching pajamas and fabulous Free People socks that come way above my knees. I've got two new fashion reads beside me, and I'm sipping lemon ginseng green tea. Perfection. I love moments like this.

I'm pretty sure I got this book at the Met. Note to self: Must read. While drinking green tea. And doing crunches.
 I'm so excited to use this book. Its full of prompts and inspiring ideas. For example, one prompt says to write a scene where the only dialogue that is spoken is "Uh-huh," "Umm," "Urrr," and "Mm-mmm." Due to watching all of The Carrie Diaries episodes this past week, I have now apparently decided I need to be a writer.
Paris Street Style, duh.
Which is crazier insane asylums or the fashion world? Dying to read.
I really can't even fathom what this book actually is. If anything has ever been called "fashion" or was even beside something that was called "fashion," I'm pretty sure its in this book.

Songs of the Moment:
Blondfire- Waves
Matt Costa- Good Times
Bastille- Bad Blood
Albert Hammond Jr- In Transit

Merry Christmas!

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