Sunday, July 1, 2012

      Beauty in Four Shades

Hi, it's Elizabeth. Today Claire and I are guest posting on each others' blogs. I really enjoyed doing this post and I hope you will enjoy reading it. Of course, this isn't an absolute, and anybody can wear whatever they feel like but these are some colors that I think compliment particular hair colors. 

black haired beauty

Black Haired Beauty: 
For black hair, I think that deep sultry shades compliment and set off your hair color. Keep skin dewy with highlighter and cream blushes. Pair a nude glossy lip with heavy liner or a deep lip with a soft shimmery lid. Jewel tones will set off skin and eyes.

blonde beauty

Blonde Beauty:
Blondes look fabulous with glowy bronzed skin. Dewy and luminous finishes and peach tones work well with any shade of blonde. Don't be afraid to throw in bright or strong colors, but be sure to play up the angelic factor.

brunette beauty

Brunette Beauty:
Brunettes come in many different shades, but whatever shade you are, keep in mind that pastels might wash you out. On the other hand, pale fleshy pinks look gorgeous. Rosy cheeks and a luminous highlighter pair well with a deep lip and winged liner. Don't be afraid to go au natural with just a lip stain and some mascara. 

redhead beauty

Redhead Beauty:
Redheads can wear most any color and look fabulous in bright, poppy shades. Olive eyeliner or shadow compliments well, and a bright pink or orange lippy or cheek is the perfect contrast for your hair.

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