Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Week Long of My Fashionable Friends!

       Because it's the last week of school, something special is necessary! I've asked my friends if I can photograph their outfits this week and blog about them. I'm excited to (one) show you all my beautiful friends and (two) talk about how their styles influence mine. This will also give me a chance to show my friends how thankful I am for them; it's the perfect way to wrap up the school year. So be sure to check back everyday this week to see my lovely ladies! Also, with school wrapping up, I will have a lot more time to blog, which I'm so excited about. Below are a few things that I'm loving and had to share!
1. The soft, flowy cut pairs beautifully with the lemon yellow.

2. My new favorite pajamas: DKNY.

3. I seriously wear this sweater every other day.

4. This book, my current read, is full of so much useful information.

5. I heard this song watching The Lucky One this weekend.

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